Gourmet Delight Medium

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size: 46.00 W × 46.00 H × 30.50 L
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This popular arrangement is filled with our very best selection of traditional gourmet foods: Brie cheese, antipasto, crackers, cookies & sweets. It is well suited for a group to share, and is perfect for friends, family & clients.


  • Monet Mini Original Crackers, 170g
  • Lille Classic Original Cookie Thins, 130g
  • Davenports Butternut Crunch, 150g
  • Bali’s Best Coffee Candy, 150g
  • Ernest Hemingway Tea, 5 bags
  • Lindt Assorted Lindor Balls, 150g
  • Castello Danish Brie Cheese, 125g
  • Godiva Solid Milk Chocolate Bar, 43g
  • Sable & Rosenfeld Antipasto
  • 12 Vegetable Dip, 315 ml
  • Guylian Milk Truffle Seashells, 2 pcs

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